About the brand

Faaz started with a dream. A dream that started with a young girl with a vision and creative mind.
Beauty comes from within, that is an energy that you transfer to your environment. Charisma is a keyword, leading for your appearance. 

FAAZ has released its first collection, with an eye on power women. Beauty starts from within
and FAAZ offers you the wardrobe to shine with confidence. Clothes that make you feel comfortable and feminine at the same time,
thanks to the build-in shapewear. Women's clothing where you can be your best self. 

High-quality fabric is used, with a luxurious and feminine fit, with attention to even the smallest details.
No matter what size you are, FAAZ makes no distinction. We are women and we're proud of it.

Discover the Feminine Contour Collection.

Rachaila Aliradja
“When they turn their heads,
Make it worth it.”

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